06 September 2006

It's about time to switch forums

Remember back on August 9 when I said that I would use my newfound employment as an indicator that I am really not going back to Paris? Well, here we are, almost a month later and I'm still unemployed. But, I also know that I'm not moving back overseas anytime soon. *sigh* So, I've decided that it is time to officially close one chapter of my life and start a new one.

I'm gettin' me a new blog.

After all, you can't really write for a blog entitled "J'habite à Paris!" if you can't even claim to live in Paris, Missouri. It's just weird.

The real trick, however, is coming up with a new name for my next blog incarnation. I have a few ideas, but nothing has struck a true chord with me yet. Any suggestions out there?? Put your suggestions in the comments section, please.

In job-related news, I applied for three more jobs last week. This was somewhat of a relief because you can't get hired if you aren't even applying for anything! One of the three new ones has since closed, so I'll keep my fingers crossed that I'll get an interview out of it. As for the other job that's still pending ... it's been three weeks since my interview with them. So -- while this is only the second day of classes and it's completely understandable if they have put hiring issues aside until things settle down -- I'm starting to assume that I'm not going to get a second-round interview from them. This is a bummer, but more because I was really interested in the job than anything else. But, they did promise to let me know either way if I was getting a second interview, so all hope is not completely lost. I figure if I haven't heard from them by the middle of next week, I'll give them a call. (Gotta give them a chance to get through the first-week crazies and then get resettled.)

In bookshelf news, I am pleased to report that we're on the last piece. I am less-than-pleased to report that we didn't get any work done on them today, but that's because I was lazy this morning and we spent the afternoon at the gym. With any luck, we'll finally be unpacked by the end of next week.

And on a final note, my mom is loaning me one of her digital cameras until we can replace the one that the French soccer hooligans stole from me. So, coming soon ... pictures, pictures, pictures!


At 8/9/06 05:13, Blogger Scott P. Shields said...

Possible blog names:
J'habite à Ypsilanti!
They call me Amy
A Boy, A Girl, and a Dog
Ypsilanti... What the Hell?
Stories from the Bookself - ARGH!
Life WITH a Camera
Didgery Doo and Amy Too (oh yeah, and Colin too)
I left Paris for this?

At 8/9/06 22:16, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Roust Abouts

At 8/9/06 22:17, Anonymous Anonymous said...

About the Rousts?

At 9/9/06 06:29, Blogger Sleepless Sabra said...

Scott, you are very clever. Unfortunately I don't have any really great ideas - as evidenced by my own dorky blog name. But Bryan picked the description for ours, "Five thumpers in a house." You two could definitely be "Two thumpers and a dog in an apartment..."



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