29 August 2006

There's too much French in my head

I totally thought I had won a particularly close match of Scrabble against Colin tonight. I had to skip a turn, but it paid off -- he played a U tile right out in the open, and I could finally get rid of my Q tile.

I spelled que. Yep, a French word.

I lost, but only because I couldn't play my &^%#* Q tile, and as such had 10 points deducted from my final score.

All of these languages (yes, all two of them) are cluttering up my mind! When I play Scrabble, I can only think of French words! Argh!!

And to think, I'm planning to start learning Italian in the next year or so. I wonder what that will do to my French, much less my English? *sigh*

The other bit of culture shock (I guess) was when we went out to eat with our friends Monica and Ben this evening. They beat us to the restaurant (because we were in the middle of the aforementioned Scrabble game and lost track of time). When we arrived, the waitress asked if we were meeting someone, which we were ... but before we even got to the table where our friends were already seated, she asked us what we wanted to drink! Good grief, are we Americans so parched that we must have a beverage within mere seconds of arriving at any given location? I panicked and ordered a Coke, just so that the decision-making process was narrowed down.

Hey, at least I didn't say, "Un coca, s'il vous plait."


At 31/8/06 21:19, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Colin cheated. "Que" is a legal scrabble word. It's a half a farthing.

At 31/8/06 22:07, Blogger croust said...

'Fraid not. Our agreed upon dictionary is the Webster's New Universal Unabridged Dictionary, which lists only 'que (contracted form of barbecue) and Que. (abbreviation of Quebec). Both, are obviously disallowed by the Scrabble rules.

I might also point out that "que" doesn't even appear in the OED (my other dictionary of choice) or the Official Scrabble Dictionary Online.


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