15 September 2006


I thought I'd end this blog on a happy note...

The bookshelves are FINALLY done! Thank you, Joe and Kate, for letting us take over your garage for far, far too long.

I'll have one last post on this blog to wrap things up and announce the web address for the new site. In the meantime, we are off to South Dakota for a weekend o' reminiscing! (Well, for Colin, anyway...)

Also, I have an update on the Gift of Giving Challenge: the project I originally picked out has been funded, so I had to find a new cause. I think this one is even better, since it helps kids make healthier beverage choices! As of right now, they only need $63 to fund their water cooler. So, if you haven't donated yet, please click on the thermometer to the right. Let's finish this challenge in style!


At 15/9/06 20:54, Blogger Sleepless Sabra said...

Congratulations on completing that mostrosity! It turned out absolutely gorgeous. I can't imagine the amount of work you put into it. I remember the hours I spent toiling over the rocking chair I stained for Bryan's wedding gift and it wasn't nearly that big. Great job!


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